Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose

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Hozelock’s Porous Soaker Hose is easy to use and one of the simplest ways to create a time saving watering system anywhere in the garden. It works by allowing water droplets to seep through its porous layers to deliver water directly through the soil to the plant roots, where it is needed the most.

Key Benefits Included:

  • Ideal targeted watering for young plants, hedges & vegetable gardens
  • Reduces water wastage
  • Keeps the soil moist but never waterlogged
  • Helps to keep foliage dry and free from fungal growth
  • The flow controller (supplied) allows you to regulate the amount of water delivered to your plants
  • Can be connected onto the end of an existing hose pipe/soaker hose or directly to the tap
  • Compatible with Water Timers to automate the watering process
Hose Type

Soaker Hose


10m, 15m, 25m




Recycled Rubber

Guarantee Period

2 Years


This hose is porous along its entire length allowing water to release slowly and provide a deep soaking for the surrounding area. The internal dimensions are the same as the irrigation supply pipe (13mm), allowing you to use the same fittings and connectors as you’d use with other types of micro irrigation systems. This allows you to completely customise a system to meet your needs.

For targeted watering – the Hozelock porous hose is specifically designed for targeted watering of borders, hedges and vegetable gardens.

Prevents water wastage – the hose sits on the ground and gently drips water directly to the roots, reducing water wastage.

Flow regulation – a flow regulator is also provided, allowing you to regulate the volume of water delivered.

Versatile – the hose can be connected to the end of an existing hose or directly to the tap, depending on your garden layout. Multiple hoses can also be connected together to water larger areas.

The Soaker hose works best with a water pressure of about 8-10 psi. By adjusting the tap to apply the appropriate pressure ensures that the plants are watered evenly without damaging the hose.

Compatible with timers or programmers – for maximum convenience, the hose can also be used with a water controller to automate the watering process.


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