Large Sand Timer - 15 Minute

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Introducing the Large Sand Timer 15 Minute, a must-have tool for classrooms and children performing timed tasks. This sand timer stands tall at 145mm and features a large 80mm square base on both the top and bottom, preventing any unwanted rolling.

What sets the Large Sand Timer 15 Minute apart is its impeccable design. The time value of 15 minutes is elegantly embossed on the top, ensuring easy readability. To further enhance functionality, this sand timer boasts colour-coded grains of sand, with each time value assigned a unique and vibrant colour. Whether it's keeping track of minutes during a game, timing study sessions, or conducting experiments, this timer is an ideal tool.

Designed to make classroom activities more efficient and engaging, each timer in the Invicta series is colour-coded – a brilliant feature that allows easy identification when multiple timers are used simultaneously. Teachers can ensure smooth transitions between activities, and students can grasp time management effortlessly.

The Large Sand Timer 15 Minute is not only practical but also durable, crafted with high-quality materials to withstand frequent use. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, allowing for convenient usage both inside and outside the classroom.

Say goodbye to unreliable digital timers and embrace the simplicity and visual appeal of the Large Sand Timer 15 Minute. Unlock the potential of time management for your students and watch as they become more focused and efficient in their tasks. Let time be on your side with this indispensable sand timer.

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