Metal Peanut Feeder

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Feed peanuts safely to your garden birds all year-round with our Metal Peanut Feeder and Whole Peanuts bundle. Peanuts are a traditional bird food and, being high in essential oil, popular with a wide variety of species. They can vary greatly in size and quality which is why we ensure our peanuts are of the highest quality available on the market.

As this feeder is made from metal, it will be tough and long-lasting, and more resistant to squirrel damage. The feeder also includes tough hangers and caps constructed from corrosion resistant solid metal alloy, stainless steel mesh and an ergonomic design; creating a feeder that performs brilliantly overall, but is also simple to use. Keeping bird feeders clean is important, and so the feeder can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

The feeder also has a screw thread in the base making it compatible with many of our feeder accessories including feeder trays, which are great for collecting any waste material from the feeder as well as acting as an additional feeding and perching area for your garden birds.

**Bird feed Not Included**

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