Plasplugs Ovalok Traditional Multi Purpose Screws 3.0 x 20mm - Pack of 50

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Ideal for most tasks, these classic Ovalok Multi Purpose screws can be relied upon for a wide variety of applications. These screws C3 yellow passivated with wax which resists corrosion making these the perfect screws for almost any challenge. Offering a sharp single slash start point, there is no need for pre-drilling and a reduced risk of splitting.
  • Double countersink to provide additional head strength
  • C3 yellow passivated with wax which provides corrosion protection
  • Unique oval thread provides a sperior lock
  • Help to reduce splitting of wood and removes the need for pre-drilling
  • Suitable for use on MDF, Chipboard, Softwood, Hardwood and Plastic amongst other materials

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