ScanCom Maintenance Kit for Wooden Garden Furniture

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Check out this comprehensive 8 piece kit to upkeep your garden furniture set in pristine condition. 

Kit contains:

  • 500ml ScanCom wood cleaner. This is suitable for use on all garden furniture including teak. Wet your garden furniture before applying and then get scrubbing using the ...
  • Scrubbing brush. Use a bit of elbow action to remove water and dirt stains - you will be amazed at what come up!
  • Rubber Gloves. Put these on if you like, it's going to get grubby.
  • A sponge with scouring top. Use this to rinse the grey scum off your furniture with clean water.
  • Emery paper. Gently sand down with this fine paper if needed.
  • 1" Paint brush and / or ...
  • Cotton cloth for applying, sparingly ...
  • 500ml Hardwood sealer oil. Application should on dry and clean wood. Raw or untreated furniture will take 2 to 3 applications. Subsequent or previously treated wood will require one or two coats annually.

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