Sponge Sanding Blocks "Factory Seconds"

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Sanding Grit: 60G - 10 Pack
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Sponge Sanding Blocks, 95mm x 67mm, “Factory Seconds”

"Made in Britain!"

Abrasive Sponge Sanding Blocks. These are a foam sanding blocks that are well suited for hard to reach areas. These sponges can be used in wet or dry environments when working with materials such as wood, metals, plastics and on walls and ceilings. Featuring an abrasive on four sides of the sponge, hard to reach areas and difficult to access corners are no longer a concern.

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Pack of 10 - £1.50 (15p each) 

Bulk Box of 150 aprx. -  £15 (10p each)

*Bulk deal is Available Online Only*

Grits available 60 & 100

Equivalent online price, £30p each

 What are “Factory Seconds”

As UK made seconds, these have failed inspection at the end of the production line, they could have a range of imperfections, generally caused by machine failures:

  • Minor blemishes on sanding sides
  • Minor blemishes on block corners
  • Blank sides or stripes, where the abrasive application has not been effective
  • A hole in the sanding surface.
  • Abrasive building up, causing bumps in the sanding surface

These are generally minor defects that will not affect the majority of the block or its effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible foam pad to sand or key edges, rims and hard-to-reach areas by hand
  • Soft Sanding Sponge constructions reduces the risk of burn-through on edge/rim areas
  • Helps to eliminate finger marks
  • For use on Wood, Plaster, Metal, Plastic and Paint
  • For Hand Sanding and Finishing


These Abrasive Sponges are ideal for working profiled objects, and are often used for sanding skirting, door frames or architrave. The 90° profile of the sponge helps when getting into the corners between surfaces. They are most commonly used in preparing surfaces for painting.

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