Suttons 'Salad Seeds' - Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cress, Peppers, Cucumber etc

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Variety: Lettuce - Rossa di Trento
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Salad crops are the key to having fresh salad on tap, either from the balcony or garden.

Sow and grow and sow again.

Alongside Lettuce, salad crops are the foundation of the salad, making the perfect bed for tomatoes and other salad crops.

Fresh on the plate salads are unbeatable.

Available varieties:

  • Lettuce - Rossa di Trento
  • Wild Rocket
  • Tomato - garnet high yield
  • Tomato - beefsteak
  • Cress - curled
  • Land Cress 
  • Water cress
  • Sweet pepper - Midas
  • Cucumber - burbles tasty green
  • Spring Onion - white Lisbon


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