WithGarden Soft and Tough Thermal Gardening Gloves - Brown

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Jobs still need to be completed in cold temperatures and might even take longer in these harsh conditions.

The WithGarden Soft and Tough Thermal Gardening Gloves are designed with a thick thermal lining to keep you warm throughout use. This ensures you remain as dexterous as possible, allowing you to perform intricate gardening and DIY tasks with ease.

Key Features of the WithGarden Thermal Gardening Gloves

  • Uses MicroFinish technology for improved grip
  • Features a warm, seamless 10-gauge napped acrylic lining
  • Ideal for outdoor work in the winter season
  • Ergonomic design offers excellent dexterity and flexibility
  • Open back for added breathability and comfort
  • Soft latex coating for excellent grip
  • Machine washable prolongs the life of the gloves
  • Odourless to prevent odour transference to your hands
  • Protects your hands against UV light

About Microfinish

For a long time looking to make gloves that offer safety, comfort, and grip, Towa gloves have found the answer.

The new coating, with a unique glove surface process is designed to make the most bond, with least effort, under a wide range of wet climate.

Most gloves used for slippery applications have a stiff compound and rough surface coating, which is utilized in only a very small percentage of the grip's surface area.

The MicroFinish® technology actually takes an opposite approach. Its remarkable grip performance is created by using a soft and flexible compound filled with thousands of microscopic pockets. As these pockets come into contact with a surface, they create a vacuum that disperses fluids and allows the entire grip surface to make clean contact with the object.

Coated with nitrile, MicroFinish® is available in the WithGarden Premium Series of gloves and gives them grip as well as feel. Ideal for planting, pricking out, weeding and all manner of tasks around the garden, these superb gloves are flexible, durable, breathable and washable.

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