A Rose For Every Garden

Wonderfully versatile in their colours, habits, sizes and textures, roses are a real garden favourite! With so many to choose from, there really is a rose for every garden style and size. Choosing one to suit your garden can be overwhelming but read on to discover your perfect pairing!

Bee Friendly Blooms

Creating an environment where insects, bees and other pollinators can thrive is incredibly important and valuable to, not only the wider environment, but to your garden as an eco-system. Choosing a rose with a more open, single flower and easy access to their pollen-rich stamens are a great choice for encouraging bees.

A beautifully simple shrub rose, Tottering-By-Gently’s yellow flowers create a spectacular display. It’s single flowers and repeat-flowering nature makes it perfect for attracting bees.

Grandpa’s Rose is a charming bright red rose with a bee-friendly yellow stamen. This floribunda rose boasts lightly scented blooms formed in clusters from June to September, a delightful display for any garden.


Mixed Border Perfection

Roses are very popular for mixed borders, contrasting well with other plants while adding grace and glamour, these are some of our stand-out favourites for a mixed bed or border!

Bearing layered flowers of a perfect mid pink, Harlow Carr is an irresistible variety. Bushy and sturdy, this pink rose would sit perfectly with the forms and cool blues of lavender or salvia in your bed or border. 

Vanessa Bell produces large semi-double flowers in a creamy pale yellow. A bushy upright shrub, it’s fruity fragrance resembles green tea with a hint of lemon and honey.


Growing in Pots & Containers

To be honest, just about any rose can be grown in a pot as long as the pot in large enough and our Garden Centres hold an incredible range of pots, planters and containers. These more compact shrubs are a great way of introducing roses into your patio or smaller courtyard style garden.

Tranquility lives up to its name with the purest white flowers. Neatly placed petals create perfect rosettes, and positioned on a patio or near a seating area or pathway, their light fruity aroma can be fully enjoyed!

For Your Eyes Only is a multi-coloured beauty! Petals that fade from salmon, to apricot, to red in the centre, cluster and repeat-flower throughout the summer. A compact but show-stopping container display, the single flowers of this rose are also a favourite for pollinators.


Shady Areas Brought Back to Life

Bring beauty to a forgotten corner with a shade tolerant rose variety. Eustacia Vye and its gorgeous pretty pink ruffled petals create a delightful display, and their strong fruit fragrance will bring much needed interest to any quiet corner.

Named to honour the great Roald Dahl, this namesake’s apricot hues reflect the peach from James & The Giant Peach. A gorgeously bushy shrub rose with few thorns at maturity, the Roald Dahl rose is perfect for cutting, allowing the soft tea fragrance to grace your home and garden!

Discover our extensive rose range including David Austin, Peter Beales and Whartons Roses across our Garden Centres throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset.

Roses are easy to grow and with a little extra care and attention your roses will really thrive, our Garden Centres offer everything you’ll need from start to finish, and our friendly teams are always on hand to offer advice and inspiration!


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