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Grab a cuppa and have a go at our horticultural quiz! 

Answers at the end.

  1. Time for some plant science! These pores on the undersides of leaves allow for gaseous exchange.
  2. This lilac genus fills the Spring air with a wonderful fragrance.
  3. What is the scientific name for that dreaded grey mould?
  4. The Netherlands is famous for their colourful array of tulips, however tulips are not originally from The Netherlands. Where did the Dutch first get tulips from?
  5. Vanilla comes from which flowering plants?
  6. Which plant won the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2021?
  7. Which major horticultural event had a major diary change this year?
  8. English holly (Ilex aquifolium) is dioecious. What does this mean?
  9. Eranthis hyemalis is better known as Winter …....?
  10. Chloroplasts in plant cells produce which green pigment?
  11. When snow settles what effect does it have on the soil below?
  12. You might want to cover the crowns of these edible stems to force tender growth.
  13. The common name for this wild flower sounds like a child's toy and will act as a parasite to grass, encouraging other wildflowers to grow. 
  14. The term used for roots that grow above ground. Found on climbing ivy.
  15. Wisteria need pruning in January and February and then which other two months?
  16. What is the tactile common name for Stachys byzantina?
  17. The common name for the Matteuccia struthiopteris fern might be needed for a particular racket sport.
  18. A galanthophile is an enthusiastic collector and identifier of which wintery named plant?
  19. The technique of plant propagation where the new plant remains at least partially attached to the mother plant while forming new roots.
  20. What is the process in which pollen is transferred by insects to other flowers?
  21. Parasitic plant that has strong associations with Christmas. An office party favourite!
  22. Hydrangea macrophylla blooms tend to turn which colour in acidic soils?
  23. The sap from which flower was previously used to make glue?
  24. Which famous naturalist once resided at Down House in Kent
  25. Name the botanist who devised the binomial system of nomenclature (known as the Father of Classification)
  26. Soil is made up of three main particles being sand, silt and what else?
  27. Knickers come in all sorts of varieties but what variety are the anemone one?
  28. What major nutrient might you use to improve successful flowering and fruiting?
  29. Dionaea muscipula is the scientific name for which carnivorous plant?
  30. Gardening personality with the surname of a Summer migratory bird?
  31. What quality makes a plant perennial?
  32. The plant police have caught up with Gaura lindheimeri - it has now been classified as what?
  33. Bill Wallis' bought 'Ann Folkard' a 'Rothbury Gem' for Christmas & she was in 'Dreamland'! Spreading perennial?
  34. Who is the patron saint of gardeners, horticulture, florists, brides and brewers?
  35. What planting conditions do hellebores favour?
  36. Daucus carota is more commonly known as?
  37. Very tall purple flowered Salvia grows up to 1.5 metres?
  38. What’s the difference between a cacti and a succulent?
  39. What is London Pride? Its not a beer!!
  40. You tuck into some 'Claret' at Christmas & need a 'Bloody Mary' in the morning! Beautiful flowering perennial?
  41. Urtica dioica is more commonly known as?
  42. When do you prune a spring flowering Clematis?
  43. What does sinensis imply in a plant name?
  44. How old is the average 6-7ft Christmas tree when cut?
  45. Father Christmas headed off into the chilly night & developed an 'Arctic Glow' on his cheeks! Tall, thistly perennial
  46. You get into the Christmas spirit & knock up a 'Mai Tai' & 'Limoncello' - edge of woodlander?
  47. This Anthemis may be poured over a poached egg to give you eggs benedict for Christmas morning?
  48. It was a stormy Christmas Eve. Santa and his reindeer were flying through Knautia …......?
  49. Lovely double flowered Lychnis we grow, named after popular BBC gardening programme?
  50. Sole survivor of a family of trees that flourished 200 million years ago?
  51. As Santa delivered the presents to the children’s room, he could smell 'Baby's breath'?
  52. What shrub is Christmas Box? Sweetly scented white flowers December-March
  53. Which poisonous, sweetly scented woodland flowering plant with bell-shape florets dangling from a thin stem has the scientific name Convallaria majalis?
  54. Charlie Dimmock hosts the popular Garden Rescue programme along with whom?
  55.  What is the main cause of blossom-end rot, a quite common gardening issue?
  56.  Which flower is often called the 'winter rose' or 'Christmas rose'?
  57. Santa was a bit peeved the chimney wasn't swept - he got covered in 'Spiders Web'. What plant is this?
  58. 'Big Ears' is a character from Noddy, but we also have a low growing silver leaved perennial of the same name?
  59. Father Christmas wasn't bothered about the mince pies, but the glass of Lysimachia '…...' was greatly received!
  60. What should we do when plants are losing leaves and have pale green growth?
  61. What plant family does lavender (Lavandula) belong to?
  62. She went to the Christmas do in ' Chelsey' looking 'Short n Sassy' showing off her big 'Red Jewel! Summer flowering perennial?
  63. Evergreen Clematis with creamy-white flowers. Also a catchy Christmas song?
  64.  'Valerie Finnis' took 'Nana' to see the Christmas decorations at 'Powis Castle' - what am I?
  65. The Wedding Cake Tree is a wonderful introduction from China - also known as?
  66.  'Wendy's Wish' was for there to be a white Christmas - plant with this name?
  67. Old Man’s Beard and Traveller’s Joy are names for a variety of which flower?
  68. Lathyrus odoratus is a flowering plant used in early experiments in genetics, by what name is this flower better known?
  69. What is the Japanese term for cherry blossom?
  70.  'Caesars Brother' drank Santa's whiskey, ate his mince pies and took off like a 'Flight of Butterflies' into the 'Tropic Night'! Graceful perennial?
  71. The botanical name given to a plant can help a gardener to understand its key attributes. If a plant has the descriptive word somnifera in its name, what effect would you expect it to have if eaten or smelled?
  72.  'The Governor' of 'My Castle' had a 'Noble Maiden' - a collection of what beautiful perennials?
  73. What are Californian Poppies known as?
  74. What is the Latin name for strawberries?
  75. What grow as parasites and saprotrophs, contain no chlorophyll, and reproduce by means of spores?
  76. What do Yew; Laburnum Seeds & Mistletoe berries have in common
  77. What is Alan Titchmarsh's middle name?!
  78. What is the popular name for the Antirrhinum?
  79. Famous garden in Cornwall that was 'Lost' for a while?
  80. What name was given to the Araucaria araucana species by the Victorians because of its spiny spiraling branches?
  81. What is a Whip? 
  82. After eating so much Turkey and trimmings, he soon became 'Big Daddy' - shade loving perennial?
  83. What is the name given to the female reproductive organ of a flower?
  84. 'You leave out a 'Clementine' for Santa on Christmas Eve - tall majestic perennial?
  85. Whilst 'Gentle Shepard's watch their flocks by night - A summer flowering perennial?
  86. A Cornus with a Christmas carol name. 'In the deep…………'?
  87. Why do people believe pea and bean roots should be left in the ground after harvesting?
  88. You have a Schlumbergera on your windowsill - what is it commonly known as?
  89. It used to be one of the most distinctive English countryside trees, as seen in the John Constable painting Salisbury Cathedral from the South-West, but by 1990, very few mature ones were left in Britain; which tree?
  90. What is NPK and what do they do?
  91. Terrible 80's band and Sambucus?!
  92. Which plant, widespread in UK if touched causes a serious chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light?
  93. What is the common name for salix babylonica
  94. What is the name of the technique whereby potato tubers are exposed to light indoors prior to planting, to encourage early shoots to form?
  95. Prunus lusitanica is more commonly known as?
  96. Apples, pears, plums, apricots, and peaches are members of what family of flowering plants?
  97. She tried on some 'Saucy Seduction' with Santa! A new cultivar of what herbaceous perennial?
  98.  What is the art of cutting shrubs into ornamental shapes called?
  99. Famous red handled secateurs?
  100.  Can you figure out what problem, pest or disease is making a mess of the lawn in each picture below?




  1. Stomata
  2. Syringa vulgaris
  3. Botrytis
  4. Turkey
  5. Orchids
  6. Cercis canadensis
  7. Chelsea Flower Show
  8. Male and female plants are on separate plants
  9. Winter aconite
  10. Chlorophyll
  11. It warms up the soil
  12. Rhubarb
  13. Rhinanthus minor Yellow rattle
  14. Aerial roots
  15. July /August
  16. Lambs ears
  17. Shuttlecock fern
  18. Snowdrops
  19. Layering
  20. Pollination
  21. Viscum album Mistletoe
  22. Blue
  23. Bluebells
  24. Charles Darwin
  25. Carl Linnaeus
  26. Clay
  27. Frilly
  28. Potassium
  29. Venus Fly trap
  30. Joe Swift
  31. Lasts more than 2 years
  32. Oenethera lindheimeri
  33. Geranium
  34. St Dorothy
  35. Partial or dappled shade
  36. Carrot
  37. Salvia amistad
  38. Cacti have areoles
  39. Saxifragia urbium
  40. Astrantia major
  41. Stinging nettle
  42. If It blooms before June don’t prune
  43. That the plant originates from China
  44. 10-12 Years
  45. Echiops Arctic Glow
  46. Geum
  47. Sauce Hollandaise
  48. Thunder and lightning
  49. Lychnis Gardener’s World
  50. Gingko Biloba
  51. Gypsophillia paniculata
  52. Sarcococca confusa
  53. Lily of the valley
  54. The Rich Brothers
  55. Calcium deficiency
  56. Hellebore
  57. Fatsia Japonica
  58. Stachys byzantina
  59. Beaujolais
  60. Put the plant in the sunlight
  61. Mentha mint
  62. Hellianthemum
  63. Clematis cirrosa Jingle Bells
  64. Artemesia
  65. Cornus Controversa
  66. Salvia
  67. Clematis
  68. Sweet Pea
  69. Sakura
  70. Iris sibirica
  71. Sleep
  72. Lupin
  73. Eschschoizia californica
  74. Fragaria
  75. Fungi
  76. They are all Poisonous
  77. Fred
  78. Snap dragon
  79. Helligan
  80. Monkey puzzle Tree
  81. Young tree with no branches
  82. Hosta
  83. Pistil
  84. Verbascum
  85. Hemerocallis
  86. Cornus Midwinter Fire
  87. They release nitrogen back into the soil
  88. Christmas Cactus
  89. Elms
  90. Nitrogen Potassium Phosporous Roots Shoots Fruits
  91. Black Lace
  92. Giant Hogweed
  93. Weeping willow
  94. Chitting
  95. Portuguese Laurel
  96. Rosa
  97. Achillea millifolium
  98. Topiary
  99. Felco
  100. Leatherjackets, Fairyring, Worms, Fusarium, Red thread, Fertiliser scorch

We hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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