Spring into Spring with our Seed Potatoes

The glory of gardening:

Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

-Alfred Austin


Brand new Heritage and Organic ranges are being added to our seed potato range this year, available in our Garden Centres from the beginning of January!

Read on to discover the varieties and some of our recommendations for your veggie patch in the new year!

Grow your own McCain potatoes this year!

In January 2021 we will be stocking the award-winning potato range from McCain. All the below McCain varieties are excellent all-rounders with great taste, no matter how they are cooked!

McCain Premiere

A ‘first early’, meaning they are best planted between the end of February and late May, this Premiere variety is a smooth, cream skinned oval tuber with shallow eyes and a tasty light-yellow flesh.

A high yielding all-rounder with good disease resistance!

McCain Shepody

An early maincrop variety, best planted mid to late April, is a cream, thin-skinned long oval tuber with a cream-coloured flesh, a good all-rounder with excellent taste!

McCain Royal

This is one of the tallest varieties in the McCain family so it needs a little more space than you would usually give to your potatoes.

Another all-rounder with yellow skin and great flavoured light-yellow flesh!

Heritage Varieties

Our Heritage potato range for 2021 includes some very interesting varieties….one of our favourites being Purple Potatoes, the new “superfood”, full of antioxidants!

Purple Majesty

Purple Majesty is the potato everyone is talking about! Deep purple skins around a deep purple flesh that even keeps it’s colour when cooked! A great all-round potato, and who can resist that pop of colour to liven up dinnertime!

Shetland Black

An ideal potato for growing in containers. Dark purple skins cover white flesh with a distinctive purple ring, which fades when cooked. Another good all-round potato.

Salad Blue

A good second early, meaning they are best planted in March/April. Watch out when boiling for your summertime salads, as they will cook down to nothing if over-boiled! Eye catching blue skins conceal a bright blue flesh with a delicious, mild flavour that keep their colour well when cooked with the skins on.

The Soil Association believes in the connection between soil, food the health of people and the health of the planet and campaigns for planet friendly food and farming

Our potato supplier for In-Excess is proud to have been registered with the Soil Association for many years and is audited every year to ensure standards of production and hygiene on organic seed potatoes are maintained.

Our Organic Certified Potatoes

Maris Bard

A first early, (best planted between the end of February and late May) these white skinned, white fleshed tubers are excellent all-rounders and a very reliable heavy cropper.

Maris Peer

A popular second early (best planted in March/April) with a very good flavour and high yields. A good all-round salad potato with waxy flesh, also producing slightly scented purple flowers.


A heavy yielding second early with oval shaped tubers, this variety features a creamy waxy flesh under thin skins. It has good disease resistance and excellent flavour!

Aran Victory

A vigorous potato best grown if you have plenty of room! Resilient to disease, their purple skins hide a great tasting creamy white flesh.


First Earlies

First Earlies are planted between February and April and harvested between 9-14 weeks after planting, they produce lots of small, tasty potatoes.

Second Earlies

Second Earlies are usually planted between March and April and are ready for harvesting 14-17 weeks later. Larger yields than First Earlies, potatoes are bigger and good all-rounders.


Maincrop are planted between March and May usually they are ready to harvest 17-20 weeks after planting. They are high yielding, large potatoes that are ideal for storing through winter.


Salad potatoes are planted between March and May and harvested between June and September. They can also be a First Early, Second Early or a Maincrop variety. They are firm to the bite and are great for a quick and easy dish.

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