Stunning Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Spring-flowering shrubs wake up the garden from its Winter slumbers and burst into bloom before many other plants have even emerged from the ground.

Read on to discover our top picks of stunning shrubs this season!

‘Clematis Alpina’ is a beautiful asset to your Spring garden as they can flower from March right through to mid-May adding height and colour to your garden! In a variety of colours, the beautiful nodding heads give way to stunning seed heads when faded, and these are attractive to both bees and butterflies. Pick up your own whimsical beauty from our Garden Centres for just £11.99.

‘Forsythia’ also known as Golden Bells, is a large arching shrub from the same family as the Olive. It’s bare branches explode with the sunniest yellow flowers you have ever seen. Fast-growing, they can be grown as a hedge, in a border, or as a stand-alone specimen they can be grown in pots. Buy yours in one of our Garden Centres from just £8.99.

Choose ‘Camellia Japonica’ if you love showy blooms in your garden. The single or double flowers, that can be larger than a dinner plate, are perfectly set within evergreen glossy green leaves creating a perfect backdrop. They do best in acidic soils or ericaceous compost, which you can find in our Garden Centres for just £4.25 - Erin Ericaceous 50L. Expand your collection with one of our Japanese Camellias for just £14.99.


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