Planting Bulbs for Springtime Flowers

Autumn bulb planting is the key to gorgeous springtime displays – a Spring Garden bursting with new life!

Nothing refreshes the senses like the first blooms of Spring. A key signal of the changing season as we leave winter behind. With these early flowers comes the promise of better weather and a fresh year. But why are we talking about Spring flowers in August?

We don’t want you to miss out on having the best springtime display in your garden next year, and Autumn is the best time to plant.

Whether you like to see Daffodils dancing in the spring sunshine, Tulips triumphantly pushing their head in the air, or maybe getting arty with Alliums, the best time to plant is coming up.

Speaking of Alliums, not only their large flowers wonderful, but their dried seed heads look exquisite in a flower arrangement later in the year.

Daffodil Bulb Spring Gardening Unsplash In-Excess

Maybe you are more adventurous and prefer exotic bulbs? For example, the Amaryllis Belladonna may be for you, better known as the Jersey Lily, whose fragranced flowers appear before the leaves. It is one of the first bulbs to bloom.

A Natural Lawn

Bulbs are ideal for naturalising in a lawn - try the later flowering Camassia which flowers in May and looks very elegant with its blue flowers waving in longer grass.

The process of naturalising means to grow bulbs in your grass, rather than sticking to the borders, but it can also mean bulbs growing and seeding as they would in the wild.

Shaded Areas

The shady area under trees need not be forgotten. A beautiful drift of Snowdrops early in spring followed by English Bluebells is such a British scene and it could be yours if you start planning now.

Spring Flower Grid Image Unsplash Camassia Narcissus Snow Drop


Dwarf Daffodils and Rockery Tulips create a vibrant pop of colour when planted in a rockery, the soil is perfect for them - free draining and not too heavy.


Magical mixtures and a variety of combinations can look great in any border, my favourite is an Allium border mixture along with Tulip purple frills. A stunning combination!

Allium Flowers In-Excess Unsplash Spring Flower

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets do not have to miss out on the springtime feel, add a few Tete a Tete Narcissi or other dwarf Daffodils, flowering in the spring they extend the season giving a springtime splash to your winter flowering baskets and planters.

For those that love to give horticultural presents, try planting Hyacinth bulbs in a favourite bowl or basket, add a bow and they make a lovely personalised seasonal gift!

Spring Bulb Medley Image Garlic basket pot

Spring Vegetables

Even the vegetable plot gets a head start with Onion sets and Garlic planted now they will be ready to harvest earlier than those planted in spring.

Spring bulbs have begun to arrive in our Garden Centres. Prices start at 95p!

Don’t forget to purchase your Bulb Planter it makes planting bulbs, especially in grass, so much easier and causes less damage to the lawn. We also have a long handled Bulb Planter variety.

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