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Two-hand, non-sterile, size M, closure type, Zipper-lock.

Sigma-Aldrich product code:Z530212

General description

For Laboratory Use: AtmosBag glove bag is a flexible, inflatable polyethylene chamber with built-in gloves that lets you work in a totally isolated and controlled environment. It is an inexpensive, portable alternative to the glove box and is well suited to a variety of tasks and materials.

For Field Sampling: AtmosBag slips over the top of cans and drums to blanket with inert gas and isolate vapors and dusts during sampling operations. Minimizes worker exposure and preserves the integrity of the sampled bulk material. AtmosBag serves as a portable laboratory for conducting tests, crime scene investigations, and other applications where a clean isolated chamber is needed.

AtmosBag with Tape-seal closure: The opening of AtmosBag is taped and folded over for a gas-tight seal. Each AtmosBag is supplied with a strip of removable sealing tape.

AtmosBag with Zipper-lock closure: The opening of AtmosBag is closed with a Zipper-lock for a gas-tight seal. The opening is slightly smaller than the width of the bag due to the width of the zipper. Excellent for applications that require repeated access to bag contents and for emergency isolation.


  • Constructed of sturdy 0.003 in. gauge polyethylene that is polished for good clarity
  • Seams are heat-sealed for strength and inflation tested to be leak-free
  • Inlet ports are provided for laboratory gas, vacuum, and electrical lines
  • AtmosBag is not fire-retardant or intended for prolonged contact with solvents, vapors, or chemicals
  • Can be used in an Argon environment
  • Four ports on eachbag. Two on each side of the bag.

Legal Information

Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC


size - M

sterility - non-sterile

feature - closure type Zipper-lock

W × L × H - 39 in. × 48 in. × 15 in., average inflated dimensions

W × L - 38 in. × 51.5 in. , deflated dimensions

gas volume - 280 L

opening diam.  - 22.5 in. , 4 ports

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