Bartoline All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive - 30 Roll Sachets

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Bartoline All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive is a traditional, high quality, easy to mix flake adhesive. It is easily spread with excellent slip properties for accurate positioning and long lasting results and its extra strong formula has been specially developed to give excellent brush-on characteristics for easier wallpapering. 

  • Suitable for all types of wallpaper
  • Easy mix formula
  • Extra strength
  • Contains 3 x 10 roll sachets
  • 585g


Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from dust. Size absorbent surfaces before use and allow to dry completely before papering.


Add the correct volume of cold water to a clean bucket based on ratio mix table. Sprinkle the contents of the sachet into the water and stir briskly for 30 seconds to evenly mix. Leave to stand for 3 minutes then stir again thoroughly. The paste is now ready to use.


Follow the wallpaper manufacture's instructions. Soak heavy and embossed paper until supple. Paste generously, particularly the edges, and do not overspread. When applying paste the wall wallpapers apply paste directly onto the surface to be prepared.


Immediately remove any paste that comes into contact with patterned sides of the wallcovering. All splashes and excess adhesive should be removed with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. All equipment can be washed with soapy water and left to dry; ready to be used next time.

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