Bartoline Multi-Purpose Natural Linseed Oil Glazing Putty - 1kg

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Bartoline Multi Purpose Linseed Oil Putty is a traditional blend of high-quality linseed oil and fillers, used for generations. Specially formulated for glazing both wood and metal window frames and used by both the professional tradesman as well as the home owner. Equally useful as a general wood filler.

  • Size of tub: 1kg
  • Multipurpose Glazing Putty
  • For use on Wooden and Steel Frames
  • Can be used as a general purpose wood filler
Technical Data & Application


    Surfaces should be sound, dry, clean and free from damp, dust and grease. 


    Apply putty to rebate and insert setting blocks. Place pane on setting blocks, centralise, press into putty to give a back bedding of 1-2mm throughout and secure pane mechanically with clips or pins. Location blocks should be used in side hung opening windows to hold the glass in place. Apply further fronting putty and knife at an angle finishing about 2mm below the sightline. Brush putty with soft brush to seal to glass. Knife off back bedding, sloping away from glass.


    • For bedding and external fronting single glass into primed softwood and hardwood frames which will subsequently be painted
    • Can also be used to glaze primed metal frames and single glass into concrete or stone surrounds after prior sealing with an appropriate sealer
    • Do not use directly against laminated glass
    • Do not use for bead glazing systems
    • Do not use on insulated glass units

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