Boho Mama Breastfeeding Nursing Cover – Multi-Use Pregnancy Wrap in Luxury Bamboo

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  • WANT TO NURSE YOUR BABY IN PUBLIC FREE FROM PRYING EYES? Now you can. Be proud and stylish in motherhood, yet still nurse your baby discreetly. Feel secure knowing that you can feed your baby with modesty anytime, anywhere, without people staring at you, because this luxury nursing cover is hardly noticeable. Give your Baby the best start in life, as nature intended, with THE BOHO MAMA MATERNITY & BREASTFEEDING WRAP


  • MANUFACTURED WITH LOVE FROM ORGANIC BAMBOO MODAL with a touch of spandex for comfort and shape, the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap drapes beautifully across and around your body, and the lightweight, breathable fabric allows you and your baby to stay cool and look cool. Naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable, the Boho Mama is thick enough for privacy, but thin enough to feel luxurious and silky soft


  • IT’S THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND, YOUR SISTER OR YOUR DAUGHTER. You can literally wear this luxury, contemporary wrap straight out of its neat little bag, as, unlike other nursing covers, it has no strong chemical smell that needs to be washed out. No loud prints or wired necklines shouting “Hey look at me!” Just pure style


  • THE BOHO MAMA BREASTFEEDING WRAP CAN BE USED IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. In addition to being a fashionable garment to wear both pre and post baby, it covers your baby car seat or stroller to protect your infant from sun, wind and dust. It’s perfect for pumping at work. It’s also an instant darkening drape for when your baby needs to sleep in a light room, and you can use it as a soft baby blanket when out and about


  • So, when is a nursing cover not a nursing cover? … When it is the Boho Mama Maternity & Breastfeeding Wrap. The BOHO MAMA BY EASY MOM & BABY is the original much-copied, yet never surpassed multi-functional, versatile shawl … for pregnancy, nursing and beyond. 



You can literally wear it straight out of its stylish packaging. It’s feminine, flattering and machine washable.

Manufactured with love from organic bamboo modal with spandex for comfort and shape, the lightweight, breathable fabric allows you and your baby to stay cool and look cool.

It provides complete coverage while you’re nursing. And when you are done, it instantly transforms into 12 more great styles that you will want to wear.

You could also carry your Wrap in your purse or diaper bag because it folds up very small and does not crease.

The Wrap covers and accentuates your curves glamorously when you are pregnant. It instantly lifts any outfit and subtly steals the limelight. And after the birth, it will stylishly cover the weight that you still wish to shed.

One of many benefits that sets us above the competition is that the Wrap doesn’t fall forwards or gape at the sides, which means you don’t accidentally expose yourself. The tiny poppers ensure that it keeps you covered when Baby is wriggling, and it drapes beautifully over you and  your Baby … whatever your size.

You’ll feel secure knowing that you can feed your Baby with modesty anytime, anywhere, without people staring at you. The Wrap is discreet, easy to use and convenient for any public place where you might otherwise feel uncomfortable nursing.

You’ll know when you open the bag that the Boho Mama Breastfeeding Wrap is the perfect choice.


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