Dekton Mini Power Tool Hobby Accessory Kit - Set of 52 Pieces

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The Dekton Hobby Accessory Kit is the ideal tool kit for your miniature power tool. Ideal for cleaning, polishing, cutting, grinding, shaping jewellery, metal, wood, plastic, model making and general hobby craft. This kit includes all the necessary accessories used with mini drills.

  • Set of 52 Popular Accessories
  • Ideal for use with Mini Drills
  • Ideal for cleaning, polishing, cutting, grinding and shaping

Included: 36 x Cut off wheels, 1 x Grinding stone Red, 1 x Grinding stone Green, 1 x Fibreglass cutting wheel, 1 x HSS Cutter, 1 x Brass Brush, 3 x Sanding Bands, 2 x Felt Buffering Wheels, 2 x Felt Buffering Wheels 1/2", 1 x Dressing stone, 1 x Mandrel for sanding bands, 1 x Mandrel for cut-off wheel, 1 x Mandrel for felt pads

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