EverBuild General Purpose Silicone - 280ml Clear

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This general purpose silicone from EverBuild is ideal for any tradesman as it cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal. It contains a fungicide to prevent in product mould growth, as well as being permanently flexible upon application.

  • Contents: 280ml
  • Clear Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Quick Drying
  • Interior or Exterior Use


  • Permanently flexible
  • Anti-fungal formula - prevents mould growth
  • Quick curing - low dirt pick up

Areas For Use

  • Sanitary and bathroom applications
  • Sealing around worktops and laminates
  • Glass to glass and glass to aluminium sealing
  • Sealing aluminium, timber & PVCu frames
  • Aluminium and plastic gutter sealing


  • Not for use in aquarium manufacture
  • Not for use in conjunction with bitumen, or asphalt
  • Not for use on highly porous surfaces such as new concrete or stonework
  • Not for use on substrates that may bleed oils, solvent or plasticisers
  • Do not use with double glazed units
  • Do not use for perimeter pointing of upvc
  • Do not use on soft metals such as lead and brass
  • Non overpaintable.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, dry and dust free. All loose or flaking surface coatings, and old sealant and mastic joints, should be removed before application. Glass, metal and aluminium should be cleaned with a proprietary solvent cleaner prior to application for optimum adhesion. 

Reference should be made to the recommended joint ratios. If necessary reduce joint depth using expanding foam, or Joint backer rod. Furthermore, ensure that the joint design only permits adhesion to two surfaces, as three sided adhesion will impair flexibility.

Cut the tip of the cartridge taking care not to damage the thread. Apply nozzle and cut cleanly at an angle of 45° with an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a standard sealant gun.

Best results will be obtained by keeping an even pressure on the gun trigger and keeping the gun at a constant angle to the surface being sealed. Smooth down within 10 minutes of application. To ensure a proper bond, always smooth the sealant down using a spatula or piece of wood wetted with a soap and water solution. An improved appearance can be achieved by placing masking tape to both sides of the joint and removing within 5 minutes of application.

    Store in cool dry conditions between + 5 C and 25 C

    Shelf Life
    24 months in original container at stated storage temperatures

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