Gardena Twist Classic 4 Pattern Area Sprinkler

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The Gardena Twist surface sprinkler - the variable Gardena spray sprinkler offers you optimal irrigation for four different shapes of your garden areas, simply select via the selector whether you want a circle, semicircle, square or a rectangular shape. This means that the surface sprinkler adapts completely to the needs of your garden.

Mobile and comfortable irrigation.

The surface sprinkler is firmly mounted on a robust spike and can be easily and conveniently moved anywhere.

The GARDENA Classic 4 Pattern Sprinkler Twist is ideal to water different garden shapes. The sprinkler has the four patterns full circle, half circle, square and rectangle. Depending on the selected spraying pattern, areas of up to 100 m² can be irrigated. Thanks to the easy operation, you can select the pattern via the rotary dial to adjust the sprinkler to your needs. With the integrated spike, you fix the sprinkler in the ground. This ensures a stable and secure stand. Included in the set is a practical water stop, so you can immediately connect the sprinkler to your hose.


Circle: diameter max. 10 m / 80 m².
Semicircle: r = max 8 m/100 m².
Square: max. 8 x 8 m / 64 m².
Rectangle: max. 16 x 2 m / 32 m².

Gardena - For over 45 years, garden owners have trusted original Gardena irrigation systems.

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