Hozelock 2778 Straight Connectors 4mm & 13mm - Pack of 10

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  • Straight Connectors 4mm

    4mm Straight Connector – For extending the 4mm micro tube, and for branching off from the 13mm supply tube

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Allows for the repair of 4mm Micro hose (2772) or the creation of a 4mm hose branch from 13mm hose
    • Operating pressure range up to 300 kPa
    • UV resistant design for improved performance and durability

    13mm, 4mm

    Guarantee Period

    2 Years

The Hozelock 4mm Straight Connector is a high-quality barbed connector that can be used either to securely connect two lengths of 4mm internal diameter irrigation line or to ‘branch off’ 4mm irrigation pipe from supply pipe.

Made from high-quality UV stabilised materials for long life and protection when exposed to sunlight.

How to set up:

1. Put a hole in the supply tube using the hole punch (product number 2799).
2. Screw the threaded end of the connector into the 4mm tube (use the spanner that is on the hole punch)
3. Click the connector into the supply tube.


Please note some Hozelock items are available online only. 

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