Hozelock 2784 In Line Pressure Compensating Dripper 4lph 4mm pipe - Pack of 5

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  • ø4mm In-Line Pressure Compensating Dripper

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Use this Hozelock In-line pressure regulator to maintain this pressure throughout the system.
    • Ideal for watering sloped areas or long run lengths as each dripper emits the same amount of water regardless of elevation or location in the system.
    • Self-regulating dripper that gives a constant flow rate of 4 lph, regardless of water pressure. Flow based on 1.5 bar pressure.
    • Built in filter, automatically self cleans and shuts off when pressure is below 1 bar


    Water Delivery


    Maximum Flow Rate (LPH)

    4 LPH Pressure Compensating



    Watering Coverage


    Pack Qty

    x 5

    Guarantee Period

    2 Years


Ideal for a range of watering needs – hanging baskets, troughs, grow bags, borders, greenhouses, containers & vegetable gardens and will deliver water.

Hozelock 4LPH drippers are suitable for connecting into 4mm in-line. They are pressure compensating and will deliver 4 litres of water per hour directly to the base of a plant regardless of the water pressure.

They will automatically shut off when pressure is lower than 1 bar but work best when pressure is at 1.5 bar.

These drippers feature an inbuilt filter and will automatically self-clean meaning that disruption to the system is kept to a minimum.

Available in a pack of 5.


Please note some Hozelock items are available online only. 

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