Hozelock 7043 End-of-Line Pressure Compensating Dripper Spikes - Pack of 5

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ø4mm Asta® End-of-Line Pressure Compensating Dripper Spikes

Key Benefits Include:

  • Use to ensure water is evenly distributed around your drip irrigation system, delivering the same amount of water to every plant, regardless of elevation or distance.
  • Blockages minimised with in built filter
  • Sealed to maintain pre-set discharge rates and uniformity
  • Pressure compensating dripper with a turbulent flow path
  • Spike allows easy and precise positioning for accurately targeting the root zone of plants
  • Available in packs of 5
Water Delivery


Maximum Flow Rate (LPH)

4 LPH Pressure Compensating



Watering Coverage


Pack Qty

 x 5

Guarantee Period

2 Years

Ideal for ground cover, flower beds, borders, landscaped gardens and vegetable patches.

The Hozelock 360˚ Spectrum® Adjustable Spray flow rate can be adjusted from 0 to 80 L/h output allowing you full control and flexibility of water flow to best suit your plant’s needs. Maximum flow based on 1.5 bar pressure. Simply rotate the in-built valve by hand.

The adjustable spray provides full circle coverage of fine water droplets over a maximum radius of 175cm. The sprayer has an integrated stake to secure it in the ground at the base of the plant. The stake allows the height to be adjusted too, to match the size of the plant.

Each Spectrum adjustable flow spray on spike comes supplied with a 4mm inlet to connect the end of the 4mm micro supply pipe (2772) to the 13mm Supply Tube (2764).

Made from hard-wearing UV stable plastic for a long-lasting life and can be easily dismantled for inspection and cleaning.

End of Line Dripper, ideal for use in pots, hanging baskets, grow bags, and landscapes. Use at the base of plants to target the root.

The Asta 4LPH Dripper is a pressure compensating drip emitter with turbulent flow, designed to precisely deliver a fixed flow of water at a rate of 4 litres per hour over a wide range of inlet pressures (1 – 3 bar). This helps to distribute water evenly around a drip irrigation system, ensuring the same amount of water is delivered to every plant, regardless of changes in elevation or distance.

The Asta End-of Line Dripper also features a self-flushing action that clears debris to minimise risks of blockage.

The built-in spike allows easy and precise positioning for accurately targeting the root of the plants. Connect to the end of 4mm micro supply pipe.

Made from durable UV stable plastic, the Asta dripper is built to last.

Available in packs of 5.

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