Hozelock Sprinkler Hose

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A perforated flat hose used to provide a fine spray for lawns and flowers in the garden, or when flipped upside down, to provide a deep soaking action for flower beds and borders. The flat design ensures the sprinkler hose stays in place and the right way up (or down). The sprinkler hose is supplied with fittings to join several lengths of hose, if required.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Sprinkler hose and Soaker hose combined
  • The upright position produces a fine spray, suitable for watering fragile plants
  • Flipped upside down, it can be used to drip water at the base of plants for more targeted watering
  • It can be connected to another hose to extend the area of coverage
  • Comes with the necessary fittings to easily connect to your existing hose connection
Hose Type

Sprinkler Hose

Hose Length

7.5m, 10m, 15m



Guarantee Period

10 Years

SKU: 6755P0000, 6765P0000, 6756P0000

Dual purpose – the Hozelock Spray Hose is a flat perforated hose. It can be used in the upright position to produce a light sprinkling effect for more delicate watering or in the reverse position for deep wetting and targeted root watering.

Ideal for watering in flat areas of borders, hedges and narrow lawn with curved and irregular shapes.

Positioned to follow the contours of your flowerbed, the hose allows you to target your watering.

Supplied with an end cap and threaded coupler – makes it easy to connect multiple hoses for extended watering coverage.


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