Invigorated Water Pitcher Jug - Gold Steel

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This durable and stylish gold steel drinks pitcher is perfect for home, office, parties, ice water or fruit-infused water.

The jug also comes with a water filter system that combines the elegance of glass with the resilience of stainless steel, ensuring unmatched freshness and taste.

Designed for hassle-free setup, serving as a practical and stylish solution for water softeners in your kitchen, the box includes 1 x 100g Alkaline Filter Pouch (lasts approx 2-3 months), plus a waterproof ziplock foil 'pH ON-THE-GO' bag for the filter when you go away so you can have healthy water anywhere, anytime.

  • Colour: Gold Steel
  • 1.9L
  • Box includes: Steel Pitcher, 100g alkaline filter pouch, pH ON-THE-GO bag & filter/ice/fruit guard.

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