Jadever 70mm Double Screw Corner Clamp

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This Jadever 70mm Double Screw Corner Clamp has a clamping capacity of 70mm and 30mm depth. This type of clamp is designed for clamping objects at a certain angle and used for clamping corners or creating mitre joints. These clamps are also used for holding workpieces such as wood, metal and plastic of varying thickness, while creating straight joints.

This corner clamp allows two workpieces to be held together at a 90 degree angle, in order to be attached together. The two items can be of different widths and the clamp will still hold the two at a 90 degree angle. This clamp has two screws which control the movement of the jaws separately which means you can adjust one jaw at a time.

  • Made of aluminium alloy
  • Maximum thickness of 70mm
  • Jaw depth of 30mm
  • 2 screw handles

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