JCB Watch Cell Batteries - Mixed Pack of 15

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The multi pack of watch cell batteries from JCB are the perfect battery supply for all of your popular electronic devices. Although most commonly used in watches they are also suitable for a wide array of other small electronic devices.

  • Batteries that are built to last
  • Reliable JCB name you can trust
  • Lasting energy for watches and everyday devices
  • Pack Quantity: 3 x LR621 Batteries, 3 x LR41Batteries, 3 x LR626 Batteries, 3 x LR43 Batteries, 3 x LR44 Batteries
Battery Conversions

LR621 is equivalent to:
G1, 364, SR621, 164, AG1

LR41 is equivalent to:
G3, 392, SR41, 192, AG3

LR626 is equivalent to:
G4, 377, SR626, 177, AG4

LR43 is equivalent to:
G12, 386, SR43, 186, AG12

LR44 is equivalent to:
G13, 357, SR44, A76, AG13

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