Kasyer Touch Screen Plus Polyester White Gloves S/M - Pack of 3 Pairs

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Kasyer Plus Gloves

Touch Screen compatible

• Washable and Reusable is a glove made of premium quality polyester.

• The four other fingertips are covered with polyurethane, except the little finger. Each glove consists of five fingers. It provides hygiene while keeping the hand in the air.

• It is not suitable for hospital use and wet applications, as it is a breathable glove and is not waterproof.

Examples of recommended intensive use areas:

All retail store staff (including customer representatives, cashiers and warehouse teams),

All bus / taxi drivers,

Gas station employees,

All Hotel and restaurant staff, (front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, caretaker, waiters (including hostesses),

All airport personnel, Security teams, Police, Customs or all Government employees who are in contact with the public.

Note - It is recommended to wash the gloves after each use.

Size: Small/Medium

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