Kids Build-Your-Own Nell Nest Box Kit

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A practical project like building your own nest box is the perfect way to encourage children to connect with nature.

The Nell Nest Box Kit comes with custom-made parts and the holes are already drilled, so all you need is a hammer and screwdriver to assemble it. The kit features clear instructions that make it easy for children to take the lead, with just a little supervision from an adult. 

Once the nest box is complete, encourage your children to express their creativity by decorating it with wildlife-friendly paint, stickers, or markers. Hang the nest box in a sheltered area of your garden, about 1.5-2 metres from the floor, and wait to see if a Robin, Wren, or Pied Wagtail moves in! 

Materials: 8 wooden parts, hanging hook, nails, short and long screws, and washers.

Dimensions 13.5cm W x 9cm H x 18cm L

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