Large Sand Timer - 30 Seconds

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The Large Sand Timer 30 Seconds is the perfect tool to keep track of time in a fun and educational way. Standing tall at 145mm, this large sand timer features a sturdy 80mm square base that prevents it from rolling, ensuring it stays securely in place during use.

What sets the Large Sand Timer 30 Seconds apart is its unique features. The time value of 30 seconds is clearly embossed on the top, making it easy to read and track. Additionally, the sand inside is color-coded, with each time value having a unique color. This makes it not only visually appealing but also a great tool for teaching children to associate time values with specific colors.

Designed for classroom use, the Large Sand Timer 30 Seconds is a valuable asset for teachers. It helps in managing timed tasks, allowing students to visualize and better understand the concept of time. Whether it's during quizzes, group activities, or transitioning between activities, this sand timer will become an essential tool for keeping the classroom on track.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Large Sand Timer 30 Seconds is built to withstand everyday classroom use. Its durability ensures that it can withstand accidental drops or rough handling, making it a reliable tool for continuous use.

Incorporating the Large Sand Timer 30 Seconds into your teaching aids will not only make learning more engaging but also help children develop a better sense of time management. So grab this color-coded sand timer today and empower your students with the ability to track time confidently and effectively.

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