Little World Builder 3D puzzle of The Hall of Supreme Harmony

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This Little World Builder 3D puzzle of The Hall of Supreme Harmony will get your child to learn about The Hall of Supreme Harmony in a 3-dimensional way.

Put the pieces together step by step to make it feel like a realistic build and see your child develop as a Little World Builder!

Throughout the 3D building process, kids will enhance their concentration and logical thinking skills that can be used and adapt in their other learning development.

Comes with easy-to-follow kid-friendly puzzle instructions.

 There are 6 puzzles in the Little World Builder range plus a 'toolbox' for easy storage.


What age range are these for?

We've found that 6 to 11 year old children are the most engaged age range for our products. All of our products are designed in line with UK school curriculum for key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) - making them perfect for schools, homeschooling, home learning, after school clubs or just family togetherness fun!

Adult supervision is recommended at any age to encourge family togetherness and learning through play.  

Small parts mean the content of the kits aren’t suitable for children under 3.

Do I need glue and scissors to build the 3D puzzle?

No. Thanks to the strength of the paper and board used in our 3D puzzles and the slot and fit method of construction, no scissors or glue is needed. 

We recommend that you have a paper clip or something similar available to help you pop out the interlocking holes of the puzzles.

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