Miracle-Gro Superphosphate 1.5kg

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Miracle-Gro Superphosphate Fruit & Vegetable Ripener helps plants establish quickly. These are easy to use, low dust granules and guarantee healthier, abundant fruit and vegetables.

  • Ideal for all plants, especially trees, shrubs, fruit and root vegetables
  • Provides a fast acting and long lasting source of phosphorus
  • Encourages strong, healthy root growth and quick plant establishment
  • Produces more fruit and vegetables and improves ripening of plants
  • Works for several weeks
  • Especially useful for planting out trees and shrubs or in the vegetable
  • garden for leguminous plants, potatoes and fruit trees
  • Apply directly from the pack
  • 1.5kg

  • Helps plants establish quickly
  • For healthier, abundant fruit and vegetables
  • Promotes strong and healthy rooting
  • Easy to use granules
  • Fruit and vegetable ripener
  • Use from February to November
  • Special water retaining agent – helps to stop plants drying out and makes watering easier
  • 40% more nutrients than ordinary compost
  • Feeds for up to 3 months
  • Grows plants twice as big as ordinary garden soil
  • Enriched with Miracle-Gro plant food Feeds for up to 3 month

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