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The Phoenix 65 rucksack is a 65-litre bag and the largest in a range of rucksacks. This range has been designed with precision and strategy, so that the multiple compartments, pockets, and the top opening of the rucksacks allow for useful organisation and easy accessibility to your belongings. Furthermore, the well-positioned straps and stiffened back section share the weight of your rucksack – to make for a comfortable carry. And lastly, they include a compartment specifically designed for your own installation of a water bladder – allowing you to keep hydrated on the go.

Key features:

  • Multiple compartments and pockets – including space designed for water bladder installation
  • Manufactured from water-repellent fabric, keeping your contents dry
  • Rain cover to further protect your belongings
  • 65 litres
  • Carefully designed to distribute weight and control balance


        • Material: 100 % nylon, 420D ripstop PU
        • Length: approx. 76cm
        • Width: approx. 39cm
        • Height: approx. 30cm
        • Weight: 2.8kg
        • Capacity: approx. 65L (litre)
        • Colour: grey and orange

                The Phoenix 65 Rucksack is the largest in a range of rucksacks specially designed for the avid hiker or trekker. With multiple compartments and pockets fitted, and the main entrance to the bag opening the entirety of the top (allowing for you to access everything within with ease), they are made to make the most of the storage capabilities. They even have space for you to install your own water bladder, for quick and efficient hydration – you won’t even have to stop for it.

                These bags are designed to endure all weathers and demands that come with adventures outdoors. With duraflex buckles, padded shoulder straps, hip straps, and a stiffened back section, they allow for a comfortable carry, adjustable to the individual. They keep the weight of your backpack close to your body, allowing for control over your balance, protecting your safety and ease when navigating the outdoors.

                As with all our rucksacks, we know how important it is to keep your gear protected from the rain – for you never truly know when the skies might open up. All our rucksacks have an integrated rain cover to protect your rucksack and your contents. Simply pull the cover over the bag, shielding your bag from the rain.

                The box includes:

                • 1x 65-litre rucksack – the Phoenix 65 Rucksack

                The rucksacks available in this range are:

                • The Phoenix 55
                • The Phoenix 65

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