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The Porto Camping Table is an incredibly practical two-person camping table, with a slated table-top that allows for an easy and compact foldable design. With a carry case included, this table packs away with minimal stress – and at just 2.1kg, it is incredibly lightweight when taking this table with you on your outdoor adventure. Furthermore, this table is available in a larger, four-person size: the Faro Foldable Table.

Key features:

  • Quick and effortless to assemble – thanks to the slated table-top
  • Free bag for storage (and transport) included
  • Maximum load of 30kg
  • Stable when standing – no matter the terrain
  • Available in a larger size


      • Table-top: aluminium panels
      • Frame: powder-coated aluminium panels
      • Feet: plastic stoppers
      • Length: 60cm
      • Width: 60cm
      • Height: 45cm
      • Load capacity: 30kg
      • Packing size: 76 x 16 x 12cm
      • Article net weight approx.: 1kg
      • Colour: grey

      The strong, slatted table-top and dismantlable steel frame makes for the perfect, easily assembled, easily transported camping table. The Porto Camping Table is a two-person table, with a 60 x 60cm table-top. Simply pack it (with minimal effort required) into the storage bag included and be on your way. Embark on that outdoor adventure. And when you and your travel companion get to the other side, when you get to your chosen destination, unpack and assemble (with yet more minimal effort required) your Porto Table. Under the stars, surrounded by nature, dine for two – the means for making memories to be cherished.

      As with all our items in our extensive range of carefully designed, functional camping products, the Porto Camping Table is constructed from high-quality materials. It is UV resistant and boasts a strong and durable aluminium frame. Furthermore, plastic stoppers at the end of each table leg provide a stable standing table – no matter the habitat in which you find yourself in.

      Know that the Porto Camping Table is available in a larger, four-person size too: the Faro Camping Table. Despite the increase in size, this 4-person table keeps to the same frame and leg design – with just the table-top shape altering, from square to a rectangle of 88 x 60cm.

      The box includes:

      • 1x slated, two-person camping table – the Porto Camping Table

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