Punk Power Tool Accessories Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw Bit - 32mm (1 1/4")

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PUNK power tool accessories have been developed to stand up to the toughest demands presented by modern power tools and their users. Designed to increase productivity, durability and efficiency - you can always rely on Punk to deliver exceptional results. PUNK Bi-Metal Holesaws are made from Hi-grade M42 steel with an 8% Cobalt content, to produce fast accurate holes and have an outstanding longevity.

  • Holesaw Diameter: 32mm (1 1/4")
  • Cutting Depth: 35 mm
  • Bi-Metal Holesaw Bit
  • Tip Material: M42 Steel With 8% Cobalt
  • Punk Holesaw - 32mm (Product Code: PUNK00140)
  • Check out our Full Punk Range Here
Material Cutting Speed (Max)
Stainless Steel 140 rpm
Metal 275 rpm
Aluminium 410 rpm
Wood 2400 rpm


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