Red Pro Tools 1/2" Drive Extra Long Digital Torque Wrench (600mm)

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The Red Pro Professional Digital Torque Wrench helps to minimise rework and warranty costs by giving confidence that the tightening process is under control through their high accuracy of +/-4% reading of 125% full scale. The on board memory can store up to 5 separate values, this can save time when you are using the same value often, such as wheel nuts. The wrench is available in 1/2" fitting.

Drive 1/2"
Length 600mm
Accuracy +/- 4%
Screen Resolution 0.1N-m
Unit Selection Kg-m, Kg-cm, Ft-Lb, In-Lb, N-m
Unit Range 68~345 N-m / 50~254 Ft-Lb / 602~3050 In-Lb
Memory Capacity 5 Target Torque Values
Alarm Buzzer & Vibration
Overload Alarm 125% (full scale)
Weight 1310g (without storage case)
Battery 2 x AAA
Battery Life 65 hours (continuous operation)
Auto Shut Down When idle for 2 minutes
Storage Temperature -20 C ~ 70 C (-4 F ~ 157.9 F)
Operating Ambient Temperature -10 C ~ 60 C (-13.9 F ~ 139.9 F)
Operating Relative Humidity 15% to 90% noncondensing

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