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Secure Strap for Dummies and Toys - Set of 3

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  • Fun, cute and unique design – The Easy Mom & Baby Pacifier-Minder comes in a pack of 3 stylish and colorful unisex designs. Fits all brands of dummy/soother with an easy to attach color matched durable loop. 
  • Washable and Non Toxic -with nickel-free, lead-free, and latex-free metal clips, so that your baby is safe from harmful chemicals. Be aware that there are many cheap and nasty soother clips out there that could harm your baby. Pacifier-Minder clips are a top quality product tested by hundreds of mums.  
  • Highly Functional – keeps your baby’s dummy from getting lost AND you can also attach teddies, soft toys, teething rings, blankies and other items to prevent them from falling on the floor and getting dirty. 
  • The Easy Mom & Baby Pacifier-Minder is a great item to put on your baby gift registry or for an inexpensive baby shower or new mum gift. 
  • This strong attractive product has also been used extensively by many parents from the special needs community for tethering chewy toys for their children. 

The Easy Mom & Baby Pacifier-Minder is great for babies who regularly lose their pacifier. It keeps your baby’s dummy exactly where he or she wants it every time.

These adorable Pacifier-Minder are thick, sturdy and well made. The colors and patterns are modern, vibrant and gender neutral. They can easily be matched to any outfit.  The nickel-free metal clasp is strong and grasps really well, but the internal plastic grips are easy on baby’s clothes. The clasp holds tight even when it is pulled or yanked by your baby. The Paci-Minder quickly attaches to a bib or shirt without damaging the material and the loop easily attaches to your chosen brand of dummy, teething ring, or soother.  Even if your baby doesn’t use a dummy, these clips are handy for keeping track of teddies, stuffed toys, teething rings and other small items.  They are also perfect for tethering chewy toys for older special needs children and adults. The Paci-Minder comes in a handy 3 pack, comprising 3 different colors and patterns, so they will be great for every mum and baby. They make a great inexpensive baby shower or new mum gift.


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