Tougerjoy Real Leather Mens Click Belt - Brown

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Size: 105cm / 42" total length (31"-37" min-max waist size)
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Tougerjoy is an EU brand, specialising in the production of belts and bags.

A classic belt should be simple elegant designed, but carefully crafted to insure high quality. This belt is made of genuine leather, polished silver metal buckle, and feather edging with tonal top stitching. This belt is perfect to use with basic dress or as a uniform accessory. It goes great with casual or formal attire making it excellent for everyday wear or special occasions.

  • Click/Ratchet adjustment - There are 32 ratchet notches, which provides micro adjustment.
  • Total lengths are excluding the buckle.
  • Normal waist size should be ordered allowing for wearing the belt over clothing.
  • Waist Size 31"-37" – total length 105 cm / 42"
  • Waist Size 32"-39" – total length 115 cm / 46"
  • Waist Size 38"-45" – total length 125 cm / 50"
  • Waist Size 42"-49" – total length 135 cm / 54"

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