Vierno Tavern Bird Seed Feeder

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The Ceramic Vierno Tavern is an elegant and unique style of feeder for garden birds.

  • Attractive, contemporary design
  • Easy to hang from a branch or hook
  • An elegant way to offer a variety of nutritious seeds

The bird feeder’s domed roof and round arches provide birds with good visibility of their surroundings, allowing them to spend more time feeding and less time looking out for potential danger from predators or larger birds. The Vierno Tavern can be paired with any of our high-quality seed mixes or suet pellets.

To make sure small birds feel comfortable using a new feeder, we recommend hanging it at least one metre from the ground, close to trees and shrubs. Equipped with a strong wire rope hanger, this attractive feeder can easily hang on branches or hooks/brackets. It is also important to provide birds with fresh, clean water, particularly when offering dry foods — the Vierno range includes two beautiful water dishes.

Please note, due to the method of producing the unique ceramic products in our Vierno range, the colour may vary slightly, and the material is not frost resistant.

Measurements 14x13 cm

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