Westland Epsom Salts Greener Foliage - 1.5kg

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Epsom Salts Foliage Greener from Westland is a granular feed that can be used to improve the colouring and health of vegetables, trees, shrubs and flowers. Epsom Salts have a very high magnesium content which is vital to the healthy growth and development of all plants. 

  • Contents: 1.5kg Box
  • Epsom Salts Have a very high magnesium content
  • Pet & Child safe
  • Helps cure yellowing in vulnerable plants such as tomatoes
Application & Further Information

How Epsom Salts Works

  • Epsom Salts provide a solution to leaf yellowing caused by lack of magnesium. This high content is a vital building block in the development of healthy and strong plants.

When to use

  • Apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season from March to the end of August.
  • Granules should be worked into the soil, or dissolved in water.
  • During dry weather, water thoroughly before and after granules are applied.

How to use with different vegetation

Where To Use How To Use
Vegetables  Apply 10g  per m² as a dressing and work in well with the soil.
 Trees & Shrubs  Apply 10g per m² to the bottom of the planting hole and mix well with soil or compost when refilling the hole.
Beds & Borders Apply 10g per m² on the soil surface and fork in. Take care that the granules do not touch the plant leaves or stems.
Lawns Apply 10g per m²  on the soil surface and fork in well. For clay soils, increase to 15g per m² to improve structure and drainage.

    Safety Precautions

    • Avoid over dosing
    • Protect from frost & store out of direct sunlight
    • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. (In case of contact with eyes rise immediately with clean water)
    • Wash hands after use.
    • Store out of reach of children, animals and wildlife.

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