Westland Garotta Compost Maker - 3.5kg

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Garotta Compost maker from Westland is made from materials to help improve the quality of home-produced garden compost. Further to this garotta has been specially designed to maintain a neutral pH and speed up the process of decomposition.

  • Contents: 3.5kg Box
  • Pet & Child safe
  • Promotes bacterial growth
  • Kills off weed seeds
  • Enriches quality of garden soil
Application & Further Information

How To Use

  • Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons per m² over each 8cm (3") layer of new material.
  • Water the heap if the waste is dry or woody, as this should ensure the new material is thoroughly wetted.
  • Repeat each time a layer of fresh material is added.

          What To Put In Your Compost

          Do Add Don't Add
           Lawn Clippings Cooked Food
          Garden Weeds Oils
          Raw Kitchen Peelings Large Branches or Clippings
          • Shred or cut waste into smaller pieces where possible, especially woody stems. 
          • Cover the heap to retain moisture. 
          • Turn heap regularly in order to allow in air which is needed for the composting process and for faster results. 
          • When ready, spread the compost on your garden as a mulch or soil improver, leaving any material not fully composted as the base for a new heap. 

          Safety Precautions

          • Avoid over dosing
          • Protect from frost & store out of direct sunlight
          • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. (In case of contact with eyes rise immediately with clean water)
          • Wash hands after use.
          • Store out of reach of children, animals and wildlife.

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