Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree!

At In-Excess Garden Centres this year we are stocking two varieties of cut Christmas trees. Grown with care in the UK, amongst our selection of Fraser Firs and Nordmann Premium Cuts, you are bound to find your perfect match!

Fraser Fir Abies fraseri

Considered to be the most popular and best selling tree in America, the Fraser Fir has also been making its mark in the UK. The Fraser Fir is generally a narrow tree making it ideal where space is at a premium, and often, has a wonderful Christmassy aroma!
The branches of the tree are thick, strong and are angled upward to allow easy decoration and heavier ornaments. Already blessed with excellent needle retention, this tree will hold on to it's needles for as long as it is kept well-watered.

Our Fraser Firs 175-200cm are in our Garden Centres at £21.99

Nordmann Abies nordmanniana

Possibly the most well-known of the “non-drop” trees grown in the UK. A variety with excellent needle retention, fragranced, and with a wide base under which to put gifts. It's soft needles make this a child and pet friendly tree.

Our Nordmann Christmas trees are available in our Garden Centres in 4 sizes
Prices from £24.99

Caring For Your Tree

  • Decide where you would like to put your tree, but do not set the tree near radiators or other sources of heat... it just needs to be close to an electric socket for the lights. Measure your available space, height, and maximum width at the base.
  • Take a tape measure with you to the Garden Centre and measure your chosen tree. Remember that they look smaller in the Garden Centre, and if they are too big, some of the lower branches may need removing, possibly spoiling the look of the tree.
  • When you have chosen your tree and got it home, keep it outside in a bucket of water, and remove the netting to let it settle
  • When you are ready for your tree to be brought inside, cut off about 2cm from the bottom of the trunk.
  • Put it into a stand that holds water (away from sources of heat) and remember to water it daily.

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