Spider Season Must-Haves!

Autumn is in full swing, with it’s with cooler, darker nights, and the vibrant change in leaf colours. We have also been having a few visitors,  of the eight-legged variety, entering our homes.

That's right... spider mating season is here!

We have put together a few of our favourite top plants that may help to deter the Arachnids from your home.

Handy Greens

As a general rule, spiders do not like plants with strong aromas. Pots of Basil placed in direct sunlight on windowsills will help to put them off moving into your home.

A hardy plant, potted Rosemary can be placed around doors and windows outside. You can even hang sprigs around your house and use Eucalyptus in the same way, this smells especially great in a bathroom. Try hanging some around the shower to prevent spiders entering the bath, and an added bonus, it helps to reduce stress and lowers blood pressure.

Mum's The Word

Potted Chrysanthemums (Mums) placed around your home not only cheer us up with their bright colours, but the natural substance pyrethrum naturally repels spiders and other creepy crawlies. Mums prefer bright sunny positions, so the windowsill is an ideal spot. Place outdoor garden Mums around doorways to the entrance of your home to help stop unwanted intruders of the eight-legged variety.

An Old Wive's Tale?

We can’t leave without mentioning Conkers & Horse Chestnuts…do they really work scaring spiders? The answer is probably, as they do actually contain a poison called Aesculin. Although not necessarily poisonous to spiders, it is thought to give off an aroma. Try spraying your conkers with cinnamon oils to bring an autumnal scent into your home but be aware that conkers are poisonous to animals and humans if eaten.

Know Your Spiders

Fancy trying one of these natural repellent techniques out on your eight-legged guests?...Pop down to one of our Garden Centres! Located across Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset, our Garden Centres offer a unique lifestyle destination, a place to discover new products, get advice and be inspired.

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Patricia Coll

I’m not a spider person, I have basil on my kitchen windowsill, no spiders have come in through the window 🤞😊. I will try the rosemary around my other windows and doors. Thank you for the great tips

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