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27cm Essential Planters27cm Essential Planters 5L - 5 Colours
Save £13.04
45cm Sylvan Hexagonal Planter - 27L45cm Sylvan Hexagonal Planter - 27L
Save £3.04
35cm Square Self-Watering Balconniere Planter Terracotta - 18L35cm Square Self-Watering Balconniere Planter Black - 18L
Save £2.69
39cm Essential Planter 14L - 2 Colours39cm Essential Planter 14L - 2 Colours
Heritage Garden Pottery pale blue flower potsHeritage Garden Pottery Flower Pots
Save £10.99
Keter Ivy Herbs PlanterKeter Ivy Herbs Planter
Save £3.54
Keter Ivy Stackable Clover shaped Planter white/greenKeter Ivy Stackable Clover shaped Planter white/green
Save £4.96
Garden Bulb Baskets - Pack of 3
Save £3.25
Bone Meal 4KG by Westland, sold by In-Excess
Save £1.74
Beehive 32cm Round Plant Pot - Green by Wham, sold by In-Excess

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